Meet Brooke Heitzman, PA

Brooke Heitzman, PA, recently joined Wake Forest Baptist Health Cardiology – Lexington and is accepting new patients.  Brooke is a 2018 graduate of the Wake Forest School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program.   She earned her Master’s in Public Health prior to earning her Masters in Medical Science and Physician Assistant Certification in order to better understand and serve her patients with education.  

Brooke is from a rural community near San Antonio, Texas and currently resides in Winston-Salem.  She is engaged to be married in September.  She and her fiancé have recently adopted their dog, Pax, from a local shelter. 

In her free time, Brooke enjoys hiking, camping, rock climbing, playing with Pax and reading in the hammock.  Her favorite place to visit is anywhere that has mountains! Brooke enjoys spending time in nature and finds that it’s a great way to recharge, relax and relieve stress. 

Why cardiology?  Brooke says, “I have always been passionate about cardiology because heart disease runs in my family.  I also like that cardiology allows me to improve patients’ lives by incorporating lifestyle education as well as modern medicine.”

Why Lexington?  “I chose Lexington because it reminds me of my hometown in Texas.  My hometown is also a small rural community, and the Lexington population makes me feel right at home.  I love that everyone knows everyone and people are extremely friendly.”

“The best part of working with my patients is hearing the stories that make each person unique. I like getting to know my patients on a deeper level than their diagnosis list.  I enjoy learning about their families, hobbies and passions.  It brings me the most joy when I can help get my patients back to doing what they love.”

To schedule an appointment with Brooke Heitzman, call 336-238-4077.