Meet Kandi Sams, NP

Kandi Sams, NP at Family Medicine - North Davidson was born, raised, and still lives in Lexington. She has been married to her husband Elliott for 20 years. They have 4 children - Noah, Hannah, Abi, and Isabelle.

Most of Kandi’s weekends are spent on a ball field watching her children play softball and baseball. Her family loves getting to visit new places with their sports travel. With baseball, they have traveled to New York to Cooperstown, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and all over the state of North Carolina. In general, Kandi loves to travel and wishes to get to see all of the United States and visit other countries over the next few years. When Kandi has a weekend free from sporting commitments, she enjoys watching movies and binge watching shows.

Growing up, Kandi volunteered at Lexington Medical Center in the Teen Volunteer program. She was a nurse for 13 years prior to deciding to go back to get her Master's Degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. After a couple of years of working in Lexington's ER, she knew that family medicine would be the place for her. She chose Lexington Medical Center because it is her home and her community. Kandi stated “It is where my children are being raised and where my parents and grandparents live. I feel an attachment to the people of Lexington and the desire to help them have greater access to primary care here in their town. I enjoy learning something about my patients that is not related to their health - such as their jobs, interests, hobbies, travels. I enjoy the time I get to spend with each of my patients and I take pride in trying to help them live their best lives! I love the fact that I can see patients of all ages and take care of entire families.”  

Kandi Sams, NP is accepting new patients at Family Medicine - North Davidson. To schedule an appointment, please call 336-702-1253.