Temporary Visitor Restrictions

Because the number of influenza cases has significantly increased throughout the region, children age 12 and under may not visit patients effective Wednesday, January 8. This applies to all Wake Forest Baptist inpatient locations and will remain in effect until the number of flu cases decreases significantly.

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    Patient Rights

    Lexington Medical Center supports the rights of patients to make informed decisions regarding the acceptance or refusal of medical and surgical treatment or procedures. Our responsibility to our patients include:

    1. Access to Care - All Patients - infants, children, adolescents and adults - have the right to considerate and respectful care, regardless of age, creed, sex, national origin or the patient's ability to pay for services provided. Our staff will make every effort to treat everyone, as we would like to be treated.
    2. Information - Every patient has the right to have explanations of the current information regarding his or her diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, which are clear and in the language they understand. The name(s) of any physician or hospital staff member participating in their care shall be made know to the patient.
    3. Visitors - All patients have the right of access to people outside the hospital by means of visitors, by written communication and/or verbal communication by telephone.
    4. Consent - Every patient has the right to be informed and understand all of the procedures, treatments and/or alternatives to treatments to be performed while in the hospital. This includes the right to know if the hospital proposes to engage in or perform human experimentation or other research/educational projects which may affect the patient's care or treatment.
    5. Refusal of Treatment - To the extent permitted by law, all patients have the right to refuse any procedure or treatment, obtain another opinion regarding their diagnosis and even leave the hospital against medical advice if they desire.
    6. Privacy and Confidentiality - Every patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical record, testing, treatment and case management and discussion among healthcare professionals.
    7. Emergency Care and Treatment - Every patient has the right to have emergency care and treatment when they present in need, within the capabilities of the hospital and medical staff with evaluation, services and/or referral as indicated.
    8. Continuity of Care and Consultation - Every patient has the right to continuity of care. Treatments, appointments, available physicians and consulting physicians will be made known to the patients. Further, all patients have the right to consult with a specialist or other physician(s) at their own request and expense.
    9. Hospital Charges - Every patient has the right to examine and receive explanation of his or her hospital bill, regardless of the source of payment.
    10. Personal Safety - Every patient has the right to expect reasonable safety practices with regard to their care and within the hospital environment.

    Some people may need help in coping with the complexity of being in the hospital. We understand that anxiety and fear are at high levels when you are a patient in the hospital. At Lexington Medical Center, we provide someone to respond to your individual questions, concerns and/or problems that may occur during your hospital stay.

    A Patient Representative will visit you soon after admission to the hospital. The Patient Representative is here for you, the patient, to personalize your hospital stay, enhance your care and to provide explanation and answers to your questions.

    If you experience problems/concerns while you are here, the Patient Representative will provide a means for you to express yourself and hopefully, resolve the problem before you leave the hospital. Our Patient Representatives are here to serve you and to make your stay a more comfortable one.

    Feel free to call upon them by calling 336-238-4558 or 336-238-4557.  

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