• Appropriate Antibiotic Given

  • Pneumonia is a serious lung infection usually caused by bacteria or a virus. It can cause difficulty breathing, fever, cough and fatigue and can range in seriousness from mild to life-threatening. If pneumonia patients who require hospitalization are treated following certain guidelines, they can recover faster and with fewer complications.

    The graphs below show Lexington Medical Center’s performance in following best practices (evidence-based processes of care) and achieving the best results when treating patients with heart failure. 

    A column with N/A indicates one of the following: we did not have enough eligible patients to report on that measure; CMS held the data for one or more quarters; results were unavailable for the reporting period; no cases met the criteria for the measure; or results could not be calculated for the reporting period.

    The reports on our site include information from Hospital Compare as well as our most current data averaged over the past year.