Cardiac Rehabilitation

Wake Forest Baptist Health Lexington Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is located on the Lexington Medical Center campus. Because Lexington Medical Center is part of Wake Forest Baptist Health, you can expect the same excellent care here, close to home.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Lexington Medical Center’s medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help people recover from a heart attack, heart-related surgery or a diagnosis of heart disease. Our medical team helps participants recover quickly, improve physical and mental functioning, and reduce the risk of another cardiac event. Cardiac rehabilitation provides the support needed to make changes for a healthier life.

Participants meet three times a week for 36 sessions of exercise and education classes about nutrition, stress management, heart medication and other topics to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle and promote recovery.

The program offers a team of experts under the direction of cardiologist Katie Twomley, MD.

The cardiac rehabilitation staff includes:
• Registered nurses
• Respiratory therapists
• Dietitians
• Psychologists

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Patient Testimonial:Cardiac Rehabilitation

Buddy Lohr, 64, was suffering from a blockage in his left artery which supplies blood to the heart, a condition more commonly referred to as the "widow maker."

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